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Coffee Mercantile

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Several countries in Africa, including Ethiopia (the birthplace of coffee) grow it. Their proximity to the equator and other conditions like ideal elevation and volcanic mineral rich soil create ideal growing conditions for amazing coffee.


Most islands in and around the Caribbean grow coffee. Caribbean coffee is known for either sweet and citrusy or smooth and chocolatey flavors, with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee being one of the most well known.

South American

By far, South American nations produce the most coffee in the world, with Brazil being number one. There is a great deal of variety in flavors, depending on where it is grown.

Enhanced and Specialty Coffees

Coffee is already an amazing beverage, but there are ways to make it even better and even enhance its properties.

Coffee Enhanced Foods

Coffee is already awesome, so it stands to reason that adding coffee to just about any food makes the food even more awesome.

Meet The Coffee Scholar- Dr. Dave

Coffee is an amazing beverage that makes normal things even more awesome-er.”