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Welcome to the Coffee Scholar

Only the best is served here.

I’ve been brewing and reviewing coffee most of my life.

What you’ll find here is the best of the best from my own experiences.

Latest Updates

How Does Dr. Dave Store His Coffee?

I have an easy answer for this one and a few items to recommend. Now, there are lots of ways to stor…

50 Healthy Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee is the closest thing we have to an affordable, non-prescription, readily available wonder dru…

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Coffee Travels

From far flung lands where coffee is grown to the shops and roasters who bring it to us, coffee is a great experience to be found anywhere you travel.

Who is the Coffee Scholar?

Want to know more about the bald guy with the fierce red beard who started all this?

Just click on his shiny head below…

Coffee and Zombies in 28 Days Later: Ghost Town

Here’s a bit from the 28 Days Later: Ghost Town graphic novel. Even in a land filled with rage…

Penguins Love Coffee

My wee lad of 7 years found a pretty cool coffee shop back in the day on the Disney Club Penguin gam…

Rosella Coffee Company in San Antonio Texas

I came across this lovely pic of the Rosella Coffee Company in San Antonio Texas in Remodeling magaz…

Sometimes the best coffee is made with the right tools.

If you’d like to talk about the best ways to make coffee, enjoy coffee, or just the coolest coffee mug in the world, click below.