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Bad Coffee-Centric Ad from Trident

In my role as The Coffee Scholar I always keep an eye out for coffee-centric advertisements, interesting pop culture references, and generally anything that will help enhance a true coffee experience.

I was reading this month’s Glamour magazine on the prowl for a few new sartorial tidbits when I came across a new ad for Trident gum. Now, as a self-proclaimed ambassador of coffee, one thing that really bothers me is when anyone, especially a corporate behemoth, uses the nectar of the brown bean in a negative way.

Apparently Trident is asserting that coffee is the ingredient that gets between you and a good smile. What’s next? Coffee is the reason for lack of financial success, not scoring a hot wife, and global poverty? And did they seriously use the term “coffee-block”?

Trident wins an award for one of the crappiest coffee-centric ads I’ve ever seen.

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