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Do You Have a Coffee Drawer?

Some of you may not realize, but I’m a huge comic book nerd. Not as much as I nerd out about coffee, but very close.

I always love Free Comic Book Day, held each May around the US. I mean, free comics! It’s also a great opportunity to pick up comics I wouldn’t normally read and see coffee scenes I would’ve missed.

One year, one of the freebies was a Pippi Longstocking comic. I’m not a Pippi fan at all, but I have more respect for her mother now. Judging from the scene shown below, it appears her mom respects the household coffee enough to give it its own drawer.

Well played, Pippi’s mom!

This brings us to a great topic with coffee.

How do you store your coffee at home?

Does it have its own coffee nook? It’s own shelf? Does a non-coffee person keep it trapped in the back of the cabinet?

That last on though…why would you marry a person like that?

Send me pics of your coffee area. Best ones might win a prize!

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