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How Does Dr. Dave Store His Coffee?

I have an easy answer for this one and a few items to recommend.

Now, there are lots of ways to store your coffee, so I recommend one or several that reflect your decor, branding, or theme. One could describe my vibe as very minimalist-military-utilitarian.

I store my current grounds or beans in a Fellow Atmos vacuum canister. The pic below shows a clear one, but I prefer a solid black one to protect my coffee from any residual sunlight that creeps into that area of our kitchen. Mine, the one you see at the bottom of this article, is actually a Black Rifle Coffee branded one I picked up at their store in Savannah GA at the Nine Line Apparel factory.

Because I work in coffee I always have an overabundance of beans or ground coffee sitting around until I review it, test it, or brew it. I keep all my surplus coffee in a waterproof airtight ammo box. You can buy these on Amazon in a wide variety of colors to match your decor. Just be sure to get one that’s waterproof and airtight. I prefer the plastic ones to the old school metal ones because the plastic doesn’t scratch my counter when it’s slid around by the kids.

Like my Atmos canister, my ammo box is also a Black Rifle Coffee branded one. I picked them up at the same time. If you buy a blank one, you can easily decorate it with stickers or something.

My personal containers…

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