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James Bond Prefers Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

I read Carte Blanche, Jeffery Deaver’s James Bond novel and was quite impressed. Even more so, we learned that Bond enjoys a good mug of Jamaica Blue Mountain.

It’s no surprise though, because Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a worldwide reputation as some of the best coffee around. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is grown, guess where, that’s right, in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are found north of Kingston. Their height reaches over 7,000 feet above sea level, and they are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. They are unique in that the climate cool, with high rainfall, and rich soil with excellent drainage. It is that combination that makes it an ideal place for amazing coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is an Arabica that originated in southwestern Ethiopia and was introduced to Jamaica in 1728.

Blue Mountain coffee is reknowned for its mild flavour and lack of bitterness.

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is registered, certified, and globally protected. It comes from a recognized area in the Blue Mountains, and the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica monitors its cultivation. Be careful when you buy Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Although it is highly protected, most of the coffee you’ll find labelled as such is a blend and not pure single origin beans. Be sur eto check the packaging. The blends are still good, but never as good as the real unadulterated Blue Mountain beans.

For pure 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, one of the main brands I recommend is Plantation Blue. You can purchase it HERE.

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