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Searching for Something to Carry My Hot Coffee In

For years I’ve been searching for something good and safe to carry my coffee in. I’m talking about when I leave the house with a hot mug of brew and I’m headed to teach, to church, running errands, close quarters combat, hiking, whatever.

I’m picky though.

Sure, a simple thermos would work, but I don’t want something I have to use two hands to open. I’ve found that can be troublesome when I’m driving.

I need to be able to pick it up and sip and not worry about it leaking or spilling when I’m not sipping.

Check out the video below to check in with my journey and feel free to offer any suggestions.

Nalgene bottle- The clear winner so far!

Pros: Hard to break or shatter. Lids screw on tight. Mine have lasted me for decades!

Cons: Not great for hot beverages, because it’s not insulated. Make it absolutely perfect with a neoprene sleeve. Find it HERE.

Tervis cups and mugs-

Pros: Hard to break. Will fit in your car cupholders. Double-wall construction does an amazing job holding heat.

Cons: Not leakproof. Not great for outdoorsy activities.

GSI Outdoors-

Pros: Looks great.

Cons: Screw on lid still leaks with hot beverages.

RTIC Stainless Steel Mug (Yeti-like knock off)-

Pros: Durable. Looks great.

Cons: Leaks a lot!

Stanley Classic Trigger Action Travel Mug-

Pros: Great size and look.

Cons: Boasts a leakproof design but isn’t.

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